Hacking attempts occurs every day in USA


Today thieves don’t break in to the banks using explosives. Armed robberies almost seized to exist. Today’s thieves sit in basements of their homes at their computers and write exploits, email their “work” to millions of users worldwide or inject their malware in various websites.  Once user downloads and unintentionally installs malware, intruder may be able to take total control over victim’s computer, record victims bank logins or copy data from infected systems for further analysis. Not mentioning ransomware, which became one of the true weapon of choice for XXI century criminals. Planted ransomware encrypts victim’s files and demands ransom paid in untraceable crypto currencies to decrypt files. 

But cybercrime does not mean stealing only the money from your bank account. Intellectual property or customer contact lists are also extremely valuable, often more valuable for thieves than your bank account. 

Cybercrime is more profitable than global illegal drug trade.

Our approach to security is holistic. Many people do not understand, that in so quickly changing world security does not end in in a datacenter. Today every user carries a cell phone, some of them carry tablets, smart watches and other “smart” devices, and those devices are often connected to company network. If users’ devices are not accommodated properly, they may become access points to company network.

How about IoT devices – smart TV’s, intelligent coffee makers fridges etc. If they are connected to company network (and most are), they need to be secured, or at least separated from company network and systems.

It does not mean you have to invest in new equipment, often everything what is required to secure users’ ans IoT devices is implementing few changes in the  firewall and network configuration. From security standpoint, plug-and-play is not best approach. 


Do not ignore necessity of monitoring and surveillance


Most companies depend on security alarms to protect their physical assets and the workplace. Ten, twenty or thirty years ago cost of installing CCTV in small business was often prohibitive. Analog technology was also very limited. Today digital CCTV surveillance systems give you completely new possibilities for reasonable price. 

Today’s camera is practically a microcomputer with CCD and a lens. This means they behave like regular computers too. Current CCTV / Security Systems can send you email, transmit picture and voice over the Internet to your smart phone, trigger actions based on detected movements and situations. You can check what is happening right from your couch at home if required. 

But theft and burglary is not the only reason to install reliable surveillance system at your facility. Many companies avoided expensive lawsuits or higher WSIB premiums based on recorded CCTV evidence. Possibilities of current security systems are almost endless.